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Help is at hand

Some of the Diocesan Choir School participants used the Hall Music Bursary to help get them there last year. (McKnight file photos)

Bursaries available for music, post-secondary education

By Gisele McKnight

The Hall Music Bursary is one of several awards available for those in the diocese pursuing continuing education.

The Rev. Chris Hayes, priest-in-charge in the Parish of Salisbury and Havelock, is one father who's very appreciative of the help the bursary gave his family when three of his four children all wanted to go to Diocesan Choir School at the same time.

"For our family and most who come to choir school, they're multi-child families," he said. "It's expensive.

"The Hall bursary certainly has been helpful to us. Patrick, Stephen and Sarah have all gone the same years, and the Hall bursary benefitted all three of them."

He's not sure the children would have been able to attend if not for the bursaries.

"Thankfully, there is a multi-child rate and that, combined with the Hall bursary, made it possible."

As the choir school administrator, he'd like more people to know about the Hall bursary.

"The Hall bursary is on the list [of bursaries], but people don't seek it out, maybe don't even know about it," he said.

The Hall bursary is named in memory of Malcolm Charles Hall and Elizabeth Edna (Wetmore) Hall, parents of the Very Rev. Geoffrey Hall, dean of Fredericton.

The bursary is for people actively pursuing the discipline of Christian church music. It favours but is not limited to applicants from the Parish of Woodstock. Chris Hayes and his family live in Petitcodiac, evidence that anyone pursuing Christian church music should apply.

"When we tidied up the estate after my dad died, there were some residual funds, and family members chose to leave what turned out to be a somewhat small but more permanent marker to facilitate church music education in the Diocese," said Geoffrey. "Both my mom and dad were lifelong choir members in Woodstock."

Children with an interest in Diocesan Choir School, held in early July, might want to investigate if they qualify. The deadline for applications is June 1.

The Scott Clarkson Educational Scholarship is another award whose deadline is looming. Applications are due May 31.

The award is ideally for those studying agriculture, preferably from the Parish of Stanley. However, that is not always the case. Matthew Calhoun, formerly of Stanley, received the award twice. He studied physiotherapy.

Boris Spacek, 26, of Cross Creek, near Stanley, received it for three years during his post-secondary education. He studied physics at the University of New Brunswick, and went on to study electronics in Nova Scotia.

"It contributed to my tuition," he said. "I was encouraged to apply because they couldn't find anyone."

At $2,000 a year, it was certainly worth the effort.

"I think it was owing to the fact that I was Anglican," he said of why he might have been the successful applicant. "There were almost no other Anglicans my age [in the Stanley area]."

This criteria is considered: financial circumstances, academic record, extracurricular activities and community involvement; applicant's place of residence and the program enrolled in.

The Diocese of Fredericton encourages all those who qualify to apply as soon as possible. On our website,$assistance/, you will find information for the above awards, plus many others whose deadlines are not as pressing.

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Gisele McKnight is the communications officer for the Diocese of Fredericton.

Diocesan Communications
3 May 2016