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The Nicodemus Project

Diocesan refugee response has been widespread

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By Gisele McKnight

It was the image of a baby boy's body washed up on a lakeshore in Turkey that galvanized the western world to act on the issue of Syrian refugees. That was last September, and in response, Bishop David Edwards issued a call to action on the crisis.

"As Canadians we have a worldwide reputation for our care of others. As Christians we are to "love our neighbour as ourselves." Now is the time to act," he said. "Therefore, I am asking every congregation and each Anglican to in some way support organizations working to resolve the refugee problem in the Middle East and beyond."

Because the diocese does not have a federal sponsorship agreement, the bishop suggested partnering with the Atlantic Baptist Convention, which does have an agreement with the federal government. They hoped to bring in 50 families.

Part of the bishop's own response was to appoint the Rev. Christopher Ketch in the Parish of Kent as the diocesan refugee response co-ordinator.

Here is the result of the call to action within the diocese. Much of it is ecumenical, where church members from different denominations are working side-by-side to bring about positive change in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

Archdeaconry of Fredericton:

Archdeaconry of Kingston and the Kennebecasis:

Archdeaconry of Moncton:

Archdeaconry of St. Andrews:

There are, undoubtedly, additional parishes and churches in the diocese that are working toward the same ends whose information did not arrive in time to include in this story.

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Gisele McKnight is the communications officer for the Diocese of Fredericton.

Diocesan Communications
2 February 2016