The Diocesan Archives

(from NB Anglican, December 1998)

Part 1 : Introducing -- the Diocesan Archives

Part 2 : How Things are Organized
Inside the Diocesan Archives

Part 3 : Recent Acquisitions

by Harvey Malmberg, Diocesan Archivist
Twila Buttimer, Provincial Archives

The Diocesan Archives reside in the Provincial Archives buiding on the
Fredericton Campus of the University of New Brunswick.

Because of its large and varied collection, the Diocesan Archives can be
of service to the occasional researcher as well as the specialist.

The Archives is open 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday to Friday and 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Saturdays.

Medley portrait to remain in Cathedral

Church History Workshop
UNB Fredericton
1999 May 15

In our Diocesan Archives
Some key documents of interest

Letters Patent issued to John Medley,
creating the Diocese of Fredericton, April 25, 1845.

The official Registers of past Bishops
(In Bishop Medley's case, his official Register and his personal Journal).

A complete set of the annual Diocesan Church Society Reports, 1836-1897.

An almost complete set of the Synod Journals since 1869.
Missing are the Journal of the 63rd Synod held in 1932
and the 104th Synod in 1979. Anybody have copies?

A complete set of The Diocesan News, October, 1953 - January, 1977
(Gift of Miss Betty Jean Markham,
daughter of long-time Editor, the Rev. Canon Cecil J. Markham.)

Complete sets of colour photographs of
all the Anglican Churches in the Province of New Brunswick.

One set donated by the late Jerry Williams of Fredericton, the other donated by the
Rev. William. Forgrave of Moncton. These gentlemen took the photographs as well.
Labors of love!

The New Brunswick Anglican, April 1977 - present.
(Thanks to a recent donation by Editor Ana Watts, only the September 1984 issue
is not in the Archives. Anyone have a copy to donate?)

A printed report and a growing database of more than 600
Anglican clergy who have served in the Province
since the Rev. John Eagleson in 1768.

The list was begun by Ms. Elaine Mercer as part of the Sesquicentennial of the
Diocese in 1995. Financial support was provided by the Crake Foundation.

Some of the common, pre-determined headings
under which Anglican Church records are organized at the Provincial Archives

Vestry Records

Financial Records

Legal Documents
including deeds of land, deeds of consecration and deconsecretation

described item by item

Service Registers
a record of Sunday services often including comments on weather conditions and local events

Parish Registers
containing records of baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths;

Organizations and Committees
including some organizations no longer in existence -- remember the Little Helpers and the AYPA?

Books and Magazines
several Parishes have printed their own magazines over the years

Sunday School Records
these are very rare records at the Diocesan Archives

Architectural Plans
for Churches, halls and rectories

mostly of parishes, but there are a few of the Deaneries and the Diocese

including the two complete sets of church photographs mentioned in the January article;

Programs of Special Services
records of church consecrations, anniversaries and celebrations
Clippings and Scrapbooks