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Diocesan Council

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Diocesan Council is elected by Synod to work closely with the Bishop in managing and administering the temporal affairs of the Diocese. Council has the power of Synod when Synod is not in session. It seeks and takes the direction of Synod, and implements Synod's decisions. Council has an inter-dependent, supportive and harmonious relationship with the Bishop in all things. Council's focus is in four main areas: providing support and advice to the bishop, playing a leadership and coordination role in the ministry, mission and programs of the diocese, encouraging and communicating with parishes, and supporting the work of the Anglican Church in Canada and around the world.

Diocesan Roles, Committees and Teams
synod seal Kathy Asch
David Barrett
David Bell
Roderick Black
Gilbert Carter
Sandra Craft, Vice-Chair
David Edwards, Chair
Linda Fury
Geoffrey Hall
Brent Ham
Heather Harris-Jones
Chris Hayes
Lionel Hayter
Susan Jack
Mary Anne Langmaid
Cathy Laskey
Siobhan Laskey
Robert LeBlanc
Coralie Losier
Robert Marsh
John Matheson
Dylan Nicoll
Keith Osborne
Christian Persaud
Ted Quann
William Ross
Joanna Saunders
Wandlyn Snelgrove
Thomas Stradwick
Robert Taylor
Cheryl Young

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Terms of Reference
Council Roles and Responsibilities
Member Responsibilities
Expectations of Members
Diocesan Council Rules of Order and Procedure
Planning Reports Archive
Report RE Church Planting (Received October 2011)
Diocesan Direction Summary 2001 - 2011 (February 2011)
The Nicodemus Project - Action Plan (18 January 2010)
Budget Support Task Force Final Report (Adopted June 2009)
Diocesan Planning Study (January 2009) | Executive Summary
Rural and/or Struggling Parishes Task Force (Adopted June 2009)
Sharing Ministry Task Group Final Report  (Received June 2009)
Diocesan Shared Ministry Plan (2007)

Roles and Responsibilities
Brief Description and Mandate
  The Constitution of the Diocese of Fredericton creates the Finance Committee as one of two constitutionally guaranteed standing committees of the Diocesan Council (Constitution, s. 11(7)). Canon FOUR, s. 18 confirms the Committee, defines its role and function and establishes its membership (s. 18(2)).
On-going Responsibilities and Reporting
  • to take a Christian approach to council's whole ministry
  • to be accountable to synod
  • to guide and evaluate the ministry in the diocese
  • to develop and approve the diocesan budget, and live within that budget
  • to make regulations and set guidelines as needed
  • to appoint individuals and committees as called for in the canons (eg treasurer, archivist, executive committee, etc.)
  • to receive reports from diocesan committees and take appropriate action/make decisions based on recommendations
  • to delegate issues and challenges to diocesan council committees
  • to help ensure coordination of diocesan events, thus avoiding duplication
  • to regularly communicate with the parishes and seek their support
  • to guide and support the parishes
  • to help strengthen the sense of community within the diocese
  • to be proactive (not reactive)
  • to listen, think, plan and act strategically (have a "big picture," long term focus)
  • to be intentionally aware of what's going on in the Anglican church and in the world
  • to ensure access to demographic and other information in order to establish appropriate plans
  Archdeaconry lay and clergy representatives, Archdeacons and other standing members as defined by the Constitution s11.
  Diocesan Council oversees the Diocesan Budget in seven areas of ministry seeking input from the area groups. The overall goal is a ministry driven budget expressed annually in a narrative format for use in annual regional consultations in order that the work of the Diocese may be communicated clearly, accurately and effectively
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